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The baby was taken to a hospital for treatment and is now in the custody of Child Protective Services.When police found Decorrevont and questioned her, the unrepentant mother blamed her teenage daughter, saying the girl must have locked the baby in the car without her knowing.A lot of these persons who are applying for permits are members of gangs and scamming groups," he said.Parkins, nicknamed 'Ground God' because of his no-nonsense approach to policing, said the police "cannot allow these gangsters and scammers to legitimise their ill-gotten gains or to make more money so that they can use it to buy ammunition and firearms, to control communities or to buy witnesses." However, much to the chagrin of the police, even the legitimate events where the promoters have been properly checked out and deemed to be of sound standing, are now under the microscope as criminal gangs are now preying on these events.They quickly flagged down a police officer in the area.Cops first tried breaking the window of the car with a length of scrap metal, which bent and twisted as it bounced off the car's passenger window."The gangs sometimes aligned themselves to different entertainers ...

According to police, Guy told Berman she needed money for a dress-making business. Duppy Film is accused of murdering Corporal Kenneth Davis and Constable Craig Palmer on December 22, 2015, and also for a string of shootings, rapes and other crimes.During one of several police-military operations to nab him in Harbour View, St Andrew, one of his cronies was killed and two illegal guns, including an Uzi submachine gun, said to be Duppy Film's favourite type of weapon, were seized.The police said that 'Duppy Film'was killed during a confrontation in Port Morant, St Thomas, this morning.The STAR understands that a police party was conducting a 'snap raid' when they were fired on by gunmen.

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According to Senior Superintendent of Police Egbert Parkins, who heads the Westmoreland Police Division, the police are now quite selective in their granting of permits for stage shows and parties as, based on intelligence, criminals are using these events to 'clean up' ill-gotten funds and settle gang conflicts.

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