Updating database with phpmyadmin

Posted by / 25-Dec-2017 13:39

But first, a little discourse on Word Press and your database.

Suggestions: - confirm the configuration of both tools to ensure that they are pointing at the same database / tables - bypass both tools and use native My SQL to confirm whether or not the records exist in the table.

Should your core files go kaput or be corrupted, you can easily replace them and wouldn’t lose too much.

However, if your database vanishes and you don’t have a backup — best find a good therapist now.

Word Press itself is merely a gateway, an interface that lets you interact with the database.

All the hard content — pages, posts, comments, and so on — is stored there.

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In short, it is the name of an open-source database management system that can be operated via typing in queries, “SQL” actually stands for “Structured Query Language.” (Funny enough, the “My” is actually the name of one of its inventors.) Now that we have that out of the way, what does php My Admin have to do with it?