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Who is thomas weeks dating

"That's how they would have done it in Roman times," said De Wesselow, supporting the idea that the Shroud is much older than the middle ages.He said the Shroud illustrates signs of the events of Good Friday through Easter Sunday.Ignatius Loyola in New York City: "If you look at the hands on the cross, the nails go through the center of the palms," he showed Teichner."That part of the hand is not strong enough to bear the weight of the body." Meanwhile, the image on the Shroud shows the nail wounds going through the wrists." "No, I think what they saw was the Shroud," De Wesselow said."Once they saw the Shroud they understood that he'd not been resurrected in the flesh, he'd been resurrected in the spirit." According to de Wesselow, each supposed sighting of the risen Christ was actually a sighting of the Shroud."However this image was formed, it was formed in a way that's compatible with the ancient practice of Crucifixion," said Attridge. "There were plenty of other images of Christ which are meant to be imprints of his face, dating from the middle ages," said de Wesselow."And none of them look remotely like the Shroud." Thomas de Wesselow's specialty is medieval art.

He completed a residency at University of Florida Health Shands Hospital.

"We can show perfectly rationally where the Shroud was all the way back to the first century," de Wesselow said. The image he saw in his darkroom startled the world.

More than a thousand years before it turned up in Lirey, France, where Geoffrey de Charny - descended from one of the crusaders who led the sacking of Constantinople - put it on display in 1355, right about when the carbon dating results said it was faked. "It could well be the burial cloth of Jesus - I wouldn't discount that possibility," said Harold Attridge, dean of Yale Divinity School and an eminent New Testament scholar, said of de Wesselow's book: "That's part of the case that he makes; the other part is trying to see how the discovery of this cloth might have functioned in generating belief about the resurrection, and that's much more, in my mind, conjectural. "That's at least plausible, yeah, yeah, and the blood stains, for instance, are clearly not paint," he said. The Shroud, it turns out, is like a photo negative.

De Wesselow - an agnostic, originally a skeptic about the Shroud - has just published a provocative new book about in which he concludes it's genuine.

He compared it to artwork depicting the Crucifixion created since the Middle Ages, referring to the Station of the Cross at the Church of St.

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"You start off with the flagellation, and that's very clearly presented on the Shroud, with these very, very distinct marks of the flagrum," he said. He then is beaten and you can see on his face underneath his eyes there's a swelling.

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